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Freshman Stationery Company, a new brand specializing in paper clip production, sought a logo that would effectively embody their brand identity. Their objective is to offer students, professionals, and stationery enthusiasts high-quality and innovative stationery products. The logo should appeal to both new college students and professionals across various industries.

The logo design concept for Freshman Stationery Company revolves around a paper clip theme, utilizing the recognizable symbol of a paper clip to convey the brand's essence. The typography is carefully crafted to present a modern aesthetic, featuring a legible font for the brand name "Freshman."

The composition of the logo aims to strike a harmonious balance between the symbol and brand name, ensuring versatility across different media platforms. This allows for seamless integration and consistent representation of the brand.

Overall, the logo design effectively captures the essence of Freshman Stationery Company, portraying their commitment to quality and innovation in the stationery industry.

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